New-geon, similar to Ran-geon is a randomly generated dungon where the monsters start at a level equal to your artifact modified ATK + DEF divided by 4. Weight, run, walk, crit, brk, hp, sp, resists, skills however do not effect starting enemy levels and can be useful when stacked to make reaching a higher floor easier.

Each gates has a chance to increase enemy level increase/decrease item and title drop rates as well as increase/decrease or multiply how many floors you will skip. The floor skip counter is cumulative throughout the floors done and is increased/decreased by the exit gates chosen, but unlike drop/rare rates can be spent to fuel a special skill. Monster levels cannot be reduced though.

Whenever the last two digits of the floor number are the same a penalty is applied that doubled the levels of the monster of that floor, except for any of the rare hikkori spawns.

Every class has a special skill given to them in this dungeon which consumes some of the floor skip counter, this applies a special effect/spell in addition to lowering enemy damage and resists by a percentage based on how many coins you pick up (deceases extremely fast). The coin based effect (g-star) lasts for the entire floor it is activated on. It is activated by pressing square and triangle at the same time when available.

Not counting the floor skips, the layout is exactly the same as rangeon, with the exception that the floors continue in a infinite loop.

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